About Us

Our Founding Story

Back in 2015, our founders, Tim and Liz, scoured markets and grocery stores for tasty plant-based dairy alternatives. In their search they found that the existing options were flavourless, filled with artificial ingredients, and/or made using animal products. This led them to the realization that health-conscious, environmentally-aware consumers had nowhere to go for ethical, flavourful substitutes. So they created Culcherd, a plant-based dairy company, dedicated to creating delicious and nutritious food for all.

Our Founders


Liz Gallagher

As a classically trained chef, Liz knows a thing or two about delicious food. As the person who developed the first vegan baking course at George Brown College, she knows a thing or two about plant-based, natural food. And as a someone who lives with the autoimmune condition hashimoto's thyroditis, she knows a thing or two about nutritious food. Liz is the reason that Culcherd’s products taste so good, while also being 100% natural and healthy. For her, Culcherd’s products allow her to show that good-for-you food can be delicious and environmentally sustainable.


Tim Donnelly

Culcherd's co-founder Tim Donnelly has been a plant-based eater since he was 16. Animal welfare and the environment factored into his diet decision. But he was most greatly impacted by seeing the struggles of his mom, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and severe allergies. He saw the damage unnatural foods caused her and her challenges finding delicious foods that wouldn’t aggravate her condition. Tim helps bring Culcherd’s products to life as a way for people to enjoy cheesy, buttery flavors and textures, while also taking care of their health and the health of the planet.

Our Beliefs

Culcherd is powered by our beliefs. They guide how we make the great-tasting products you love.

Simple, Straightforward, Natural Food

All of our ingredients begin life as a seed, and arrive on your plate without any additives or preservatives. We’re committed to keeping our ingredient list simple, straightforward, and natural, making it easy for you to know exactly what you’re eating and where it came from.

Taste Takes Time

Real, rich flavours don’t happen overnight. Our team carefully crafts our products using a combination of traditional methods blended with innovative modern day plant based techniques. This approach gives the probiotic cultures the time to work their magic and create that delicious cheesy taste and texture that you crave.

The Mighty Probiotic

We want to provide you with the anti-inflammatory properties and digestive benefits of probiotics. Our 100% vegan cultures do just that, as they come packed with good bacteria and tangy taste.

Sustainable to the Core

Sustainability is critical to both why and how we exist. We’re constantly striving to guarantee that our products are packaged in the most sustainable way possible. At present, our current products are packaged in 100% compostable parchment paper and boxes.

Pushing Boundaries

Since day one, Culcherd has been working to change the dairy alternatives landscape and that work goes on. Our team is always looking to blend new ideas and technologies with natural ingredients and traditional processing methods in order to create new Culcherd products that you’ll love to eat.

Our Core Ingredients

Every ingredient we use starts life as a plant and comes packed with health and functional benefits.


Coming Soon!

  • Highly versatile alternative to wheat-based flours
  • Naturally high in fiber
  • Naturally nutrient dense


The backbone of our original products, these powerful nuts are…

  • A great source of protein and minerals
  • Rich in vitamin C, B, and Folate
  • High in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats

Coconut Oil

Organic, high-quality coconut oil helps create our products’ texture while also being…

  • Rich in fatty acids that have been shown to promote HDL (good) cholesterol
  • High in medium chain triglycerides which have been shown to reduce feelings of hunger throughout the day

Nutritional Yeast

Lends our products their umami-like flavour and is…

  • A major source of Vitamin B12 an essential nutrient only in animal products
  • A source of protein