It's Not Dairy.


It's Not Dairy.

We’re a dairy-alternative company making products out of plants!



We’re a dairy alternative company making products out of plants!

Our Story began when we were met with a lack of cheesy, satisfying flavour that couldn’t be found from plant-based cheeses on the market. You know the one; that melty, gooey, tangy, rich, creamy kind of yum. We knew we could do better.

Creating delicious dairy-alternatives made with the highest-quality, organic ingredients in the most environmentally sustainable way possible are our core values. These factors are non-negotiables in the production of all Culcherd products.

Chef created by co-owner Liz Gallagher, our products have a unique cultured taste. We strive for all of our  products to have a short and clean ingredient deck in order to consistently provide uncompromised quality products.

Our Story – Our Why

Being health forward is pivotal to Culcherd. Tim’s mother has neurological autoimmune disorder, and that really accelerated his journey in the exploration of healthy and healing foods. Her battle with MS and severe allergies have had a tremendous impact on the business and our products. It’s one of the reasons why we believe in using the most clean and all natural ingredients possible. And also why we don’t use any preservatives or fillers.

Liz too is dealing with an autoimmune disorder – called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Having been recently diagnosed, this has fueled and ignited that same journey in the exploration of healing foods, with a special focus on gut health. This has had a significant impact on the business as well, and was one of the motivating factors behind ensuring our products are not only cultured, but rich in probiotics.

It’s Not Dairy

Because it’s distinctly different than dairy! We create foods that are unparallel to anything else out there. At Culcherd, we are innovating the future generation of food with products that exceed standards and take plant-powered eating to a whole new level.


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